What does this service do?

Using this service you can host files on IPFS (aka pinning) for a chosen period of time. The price for the hosting is calculated using the filesize and the chosen hosting time.

Can you access my data?

Because we host your data, technically yes. However no staff will access your data in any way. The only exception would be if law enforcement forces us to share/delete data we host.

What can I upload?

You're allowed to upload anything that's legal in Germany (where this server is hosted).

Who is behind this website?

I'm @bn4t@toot.cafe on Mastodon and @_bn4t on Twitter. You can also write me an email at: me@bn4t.me

You host copyright infringing material on your IPFS node!

Please send me an email to me@bn4t.me with the Hash (CID) of the infringing material and a short description on which copyright it violates. If the material infringes a copyright I will remove it from my IPFS node.

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